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Using AI to help decision-making on vineyards

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Sushma Shankar, Deep Planet, in the REAP 2022 Start-Up Showcase
Sushma Shankar, Deep Planet, in the REAP 2022 Start-Up Showcase

Deep Planet uses AI to help vineyard growers make the best decisions and manage yield, maturity and irrigation. The technology helps predict grape maturity and optimal harvesting dates, forecast yields for picking and vintage planning, optimising irrigation scheduling, and reducing variability across the vineyard, helping to identify problem areas.

Using AI and satellite imagery, Deep Planet’s VineSignal can reduce variability and disease by tracking daily, weekly and monthly changes in vegetation (NDVI). The unique two-week prediction delivers an accuracy of 93% to see the future impact of irrigation and fertiliser application on vineyards. The company presented in the Agri-TechE REAP 2022 Start-up Showcase.

It can also help growers to understand vine moisture by monitoring daily, weekly and monthly vine moisture changes, and the two-week leaf moisture prediction allows irrigation impacts to be seen and necessary changes made proactively.

VineSignal can also forecast grape tonnage by block and variety with 90% accuracy, and map an entire vineyard to a depth of 1.5 meters to provide data to back up irrigation decisions.

Sushma Shankar, Co-Founder and COO of Deep Planet, says: “Our goal is to help agricultural businesses, supply chain companies and growers to gain new and unbiased insights from satellite data while supporting sustainability in their operations.”

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REAP 2022: Making Sense of AgricultureREAP 2022: ‘Making Sense of Agriculture’ – Tuesday 8th November 2022 

From yield mapping and precision livestock through to digital twins and cloud computing, at REAP 2022 we will be exploring the technology and looking at the implications from a field to landscape level. Making technology farm-centric is core to Agri-TechE’s mission so a key feature of the conference will be a panel of farmers and producers discussing the emerging technologies and future scenarios.