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Autonomous Agri Solutions

British Columbia

Cambridge Consultants


Earlham Institute

First Base Solutions


Grant Instruments

King’s College London & AmbioTEK


Map of Ag

Netword Agro

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ADAS is the leading agricultural R&D and consultancy business in the UK, with over 60 specialisms including soil science, crop physiology, crop protection, nutrition, horticulture, modelling, informatics, GIS, and web/software development.
ADAS applies digital technologies to challenges across the environmental and agricultural rural and will be showcasing several Agri-Tech initiatives:

• FarmPEP ( is a knowledge exchange Performance Enhancement Platform. It aims to connect people, organisations, projects and resources to enable knowledge across farming to be shared, found, discussed, distilled and developed.

• The Yield Enhancement Network ( connects farmers, advisers, scientists and industry to improve crop yields through benchmarking and understanding.

• YEN Nutrition ( is a new initiative enabling growers to analyse and compare grain from their fields, to check nutrient management, identify deficiencies and learn together.

• ADAS Horticulture specialises in commercial horticulture production ( The ADAS Horticulture post-harvest and product development facility is being used to deliver R&D projects that support fresh produce waste reduction, and improve our ability to monitor produce condition throughout the supply chain.

• INNO-VEG ( is an EU project which focuses on the use of crop sensing data in research experiments to increase the speed and uptake of innovation in the field vegetable and potato sectors. Recruitment for the AgriTech sector; we support companies in this domain, from early stage start-ups to international household names, when it comes to securing talent across a variety of disciplines.

We can help whether you are looking to attract individuals with specialist Agri sector knowledge, or if you are looking to bring in transferrable skills from other domains.

On our stand we’ll be on hand to chat to prospective employers who might be interested in advice or support with anything recruitment related, as well as individuals keen to explore career opportunities within AgriTech. Autonomous Robot working in Arable Crops (ARWAC). A newly formed SME comprising property professionals and farmers. Currently working on a second round of Innovate funding in conjunction with Lincoln University to deliver a working protoype designed to deal with Blackgrass without the use of chemicals, with the added advantage of reduced labour ,no diesel, and reduced compaction reducing the damage to soil structure.

Read the story: AI-directed mechanical weeder promises improved blackgrass control Autonomous Agri Solutions was founded by two Agricultural Engineering graduates; both with a passion to propel the UK into the Fourth Agricultural Revolution. Both of us have grown up on farms and have worked with different agricultural enterprises throughout our careers. Tom has worked for a handful of the largest fresh produce growers across the UK whilst Jack has more experience in the arable and livestock side to British Agriculture.

We first saw ROBOTTI at Agritechnica in 2019 whilst on a study tour to the show. The robot’s light weight design and simplicity is what caught our eye the most. It is built from standard off the shelf components that are used throughout our industry in a wide range of machines. After the show, we realised the opportunity to bring ROBOTTI to the UK and a year on and ROBOTTI is on its way to UK soil. If you would like to hear more about how it will fit into your current system then get it touch! The combination of agriculture and technology is one way British Columbia is setting its own course to respond to opportunities in Canada and around the world.

British Columbia is recognized as an innovation leader. Our spirit for discovery and development has supported the establishment of a globally recognized technology sector. Advances in technology have become a key component of healthy living and economic growth. The Government of British Columbia, private industry, and academic and investor communities continue to explore new ways to support increases in food production and processing innovation while ensuring our world-class sustainability, quality and safety standards continue to be met.

Read the story: British Columbia to profile agri-tech opportunities at REAP 2022 Cambridge Consultants creates and delivers breakthrough products and services for clients worldwide – from the largest blue-chip companies to some of the smallest, innovative start-ups. The company has the skills and experience of 800 engineers, scientists, mathematicians and designers to de-risk and commercialize novel technologies and to accelerate its clients’ product developments.

Read the story: Making sense of carbon sequestration Drone Ag help to make farming more productive through practical hassle-free drone automation. Our smartphone app, “Skippy Scout” delivers a variety of practical, repeatable & actionable reports, from drone to phone in minutes.

Skippy Scout is a unique software that leverages the power of drones to enable efficient and sustainable farming. Skippy integrates with and automates off-the-shelf drones, to photograph, analyse and report on crops, driving agricultural efficiency and efficacy. Skippy serves as a practical, proven tool, helping increase both yield per hectare and profitability, whilst decreasing resource usage, environmental impact and risk. Made by farmers, for farmers, Skippy Scout provides infield, realtime, actionable reports on plant counting, GAI calculations, crop health, flowering and post flowering ratios, nitrogen recommendations and much more.

Join us at REAP 2022 to learn about Skippy’s latest developments including an Android version of the flight app, and new features such as the revolutionary field overview technology “Scout Spheres”.

We are farmers, who know drones.

Read the story: To know what is happening farmers need to see it The Earlham Institute (EI) studies living systems using multi-disciplinary approaches, from engineering and computational science to biotechnology. Our research addresses major agri-tech challenges in crop breeding, precision farming, and biotech sectors.

We’ve developed new technology, Air-seq, for near-real-time identification and analysis of airborne pathogens using DNA/RNA sequencing. Air-seq could be implemented as an early warning system for pathogens to reduce crop and livestock losses due to disease outbreaks. EI has also developed machine-learning-based technology, TraitSeq, to discover biomarkers for complex agricultural traits, such as water use efficiency, nitrogen use efficiency, taste and yield – potentially benefitting a range of agricultural sectors to enhance the sustainability and productivity of crops.

EI is also researching breeding strategies for crop varieties that are resilient to the impacts of a changing climate to ultimately improve crop yield, resilience, and secure food production in more extreme and unpredictable conditions.

Visit the EI stand to explore how to obtain desirable traits or outcomes and gain advanced agricultural insights to reduce risks, increase productivity, and improve crop performance.

– Hear about our portable, real time, in-field sequencer to monitor biological agents, e.g. for surveillance and early detection of pathogens.

– See TraitSeq, our AI-based technology platform aiming to accelerate biomarker identification, describe complex traits, and evaluate treatment options – all to reduce the need for field trials.

– Selection of crops, including rice and red clover, showcasing a range of our projects on traits and genotypes for plant breeding and agricultural diversity.

Read the story: How Air-seq from the Earlham Institute is making sense of agriculture First Base Solutions have selected innovative technologies, specialist applications, and proven support partners, to enable farmers and growers to achieve business goals whilst continuing towards a sustainable future. At the conference we are demonstrating an innovative technology to boost yields through improving plant and soil health.

The KYMINASI PLANTS Crop Booster technology, based on biophysics, uses natural processes to give plants the necessary stimulation that they need in order to grow stronger, faster, bigger, healthier, tastier and more nutritious.

LiveFarmer, a complete online farm management and compliance auditing application that provides real-time application on all aspects of everyday business and farming requirements. As an on-demand application, through the capturing of field data as it happens, it tracks crops pre-planting all the way to the customer.

To find out more visit or call 0333 358 9000 Gardin is a UK based, VC-backed startup on a mission to empower farmers to grow more nutritious food and make agriculture more sustainable.
Gardin combines remote optics and machine learning to provide simple farm management for controlled environment agriculture such as Vertical Farms and Greenhouses.
Gardin’s high-throughput sensor performs remote crop phenotyping which provides growers with actionable insights on plant health to improve yields, lower costs and guarantee quality.

A win-win for the growers, the planet and our ever increasing population.

Read the story: Gardin sensors provide deep understanding of plant stress Grant Instruments are market leaders in scientific, healthcare and industrial markets worldwide’. Grant Instruments have been designing, manufacturing and supplying scientific laboratory equipment, temperature control and data acquisition solutions for over 70 years.

The core of their business is bringing innovative, high-performance, high-quality and reliable products direct to these markets, with every product designed to help meet the needs of their customers. They offer a unique combination of technical expertise, simple user experience and customised services.

At REAP 2022 they will be showcasing their bi-directional gradient plate, used for seed germination studies and research. Scientific Laboratory Equipment & Data Acquisition Solutions ( Innovation Agritech Group (IAG) build world-class aeroponic vertical farming systems using exclusive patented technology. Our flagship technology, the GrowFrame™ 360, is an end-to-end vertical farming solution. It revolutionises agriculture by achieving exceptional crop yields, locally and sustainably, whilst eliminating seasonal constraints of traditional farming.

The technology uses a closed loop aeroponic irrigation system which uses a staggering 98% less water than traditional farming. Growers using the IAG GrowFrame™ 360 benefit from extraordinary yields with just 1 IAG GrowFrame™ producing the equivalent crop growth of 2 acres of traditional farmland, whilst also providing up to 5 times more harvests per year. What’s more, our fully controlled environment eliminates the need for sunlight, soil, pesticides, and herbicides, to enable growers to grow a wider selection of crops that are clean, fresh, and flavoursome, 365 days a year.

The modular, scalable GrowFrame™ 360 is a simple and intuitive system, requiring little training. Users can reduce on-site hours as the automated system is controlled via an advanced Human Machine Interface that can be managed remotely via tablet or smartphone.

This is the Future of Farming. AmbioTEK CIC together with King’s College London have worked with UK farmers, land owners, NGOs and government to develop Environmental Intelligence (EI) for Environmental Land Management. Our tools bring together multiple data streams such as remote sensing, GIS data and algorithms that simulate the environment, as well as distributed networks of in-field sensors. We focus on investment strategy: e.g. What form of environmental land management or nature based solution will work where and investment effectiveness: e.g.: What ecosystem service benefits are being provided by an ELM or NBS investment that has already been made. Our free-to-use tools can help improve the data and evidence landscape for ELM and NBS:

* FreeStation: low-cost, easily maintained, self-build, web connected sensors to provide the evidence base for outcomes-based assessment including monitoring water, carbon and biodiversity impacts of ELM (
* Co$tingNature: 18 ecosystem services mapped with scenario tools for understanding impactsof large-scale land management policy. A farm scale version of Co$tingNature (Co$tingNatureLocal) will be completed by end 2022 (
* Eco:Actuary: mapping the role of nature and natural flood management in mitigating flood events under current conditions and for ELM and NBS land use scenarios in climates of the future ( Founded in 2017 as an R&D-driven LED grow lights company, Kroptek expanded its activities to commercial projects with fully integrated engineering and production facilities in 2020.

Today, Kroptek offers Controlled Environment Agriculture solutions and develops Sustainable Farming projects thanks to its UK-based team with an international reach. Kroptek’s mission is to drive the new farming revolution by empowering growers around the world to grow high quality crops locally, sustainably, and profitably all year round.

Kroptek is building a network of sustainable urban farms in 3 countries with plans for international expansion. Kroptek also designs and builds horticultural technology for professional growers. Some of our projects include strawberry container farms in the UK, an award-winning mushroom farm in Paris and the largest indoor farm in Atlantic Canada. Since 2019 the Kroptek team grew to more than 30 people in 6 countries and served more than 130 clients in 20 countries.

At the REAP conference we will be showcasing our range of high-performance LED grow lights for use in a variety of fruit and vegetable production; from strawberries, leafy greens, tomatoes and more. We will also promote our UK based services such as specialized consultations on CEA projects, partnerships on R&D projects, and light planning services. Pure Farming, Powered by Map of Ag

Powering up innovation through trusted data. We connect data from farms and the agri-food supply chain. Our platform sorts, standardises and provisions permissioned data from multiple sources to help businesses and organisations be more effective.

For industry, connecting data from farms is key to providing transparency and better integration throughout the supply chain. Pure Farming means businesses up- and down-stream of the farm can access well organised, permissioned, often hard-to-reach, real-time data and be confident all parties can trust how and where that data will be used.

For farmers and growers, our globally leading technology has been built based on trust. The platform provides complete transparency about how you can connect and control access to your data to benefit your farm. For example, reduce admin tasks such as duplication of data entry and capture, integrate better with the supply chain, improve operational efficiencies, and manage a more sustainable business.

Read the story: Insights from predictive models increases confidence in decisions NetWord Agro is a startup of digital soil, crops and pasture monitoring technology for extension crops. Our technology is 100% proprietary and has more than 95% assertiveness.

The use of our technology generates a reduction in the handling costs between 20% and 40% and complements the increase in productivity of 5% to 10%. We have an exclusive technology to identify the agents that cause the damage (pests, diseases, and weeds) before the damage, in 100% of the area, completely automatically, without field monitors and with a maximum cycle of 24 hours between monitoring and the generation of maps.

We have a strong alignment with the objectives of sustainable development in three pillars, first a technology accessible to all sizes of farmers and properties, second the reduction of the environmental impact with the reduction of inputs (pesticides and fertilizers), water, diesel, etc. because our maps allow application only at the points of incidence and third, a very positive social impact, as we increase the profitability of agricultural units by reducing costs and increasing productivity generated.
Numbers: 150k hectares monitored until the 21/22 harvest in Brazil and Paraguay, 6 tons less pesticides, we saved 1.2 MI liters of water and we reduced 360 thousand machine hours in handling, reducing 6 million liters of diesel used. Our mission is to be your digital partner for Sustainability and Efficiency.

We drive digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies, end-point to cloud connecting products, controls, software and services, across the entire lifecycle, enabling integrated company management, for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.

We are the most local of global companies. We are advocates of open standards and partnership ecosystems that are passionate about our shared Meaningful Purpose, Inclusive and Empowered values. Welcome to the Fourth Agricultural Revolution

Small Robot Company is reimagining farming to make food production sustainable. Using robotics and artificial intelligence, we have created an entirely new model for ecologically harmonious, efficient and profitable farming. We call this Per Plant farming. Our farmbots Tom, Dick and Harry will plant, feed and weed arable crops autonomously, with minimal waste.

Hear from Co-Founder and President Sam Watson-Jones at the end of the Emerging Agri-Tech session for an exciting announcement!

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The aim of xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, the digital arm of BASF, is to equip growers with tools like xarvio FIELD MANAGER to help them use crop inputs only when and where they are needed. By providing mapping software to create targeted prescription maps, data driven crop modelling and detailed environmental data to assist with decision making on farm, these digital technologies are a key enabler to achieve a more sustainable agriculture.

Luke Pollard, xarvio Implementation Lead, BASF, said, “There are many demands and expectations placed on agriculture today: balancing the need to feed a growing population with making the best use of available resources and enhancing the management of the natural environment. The launch of xarvio FIELD MANAGER in the UK furthers BASF’s commitment to assist growers with sustainable production of their crops.”

Xarvio FIELD MANAGER is the world‘s leading platform for the digital optimization of crop production, trusted by more than 98,000 farmers around the world, supporting more than 14 million hectares. Make each hectare more profitable, from seeding to harvest. Field-specific agronomic insights help you to apply your applications at the right time, and in the most sustainable way.

Read the story: Prescription field maps direct strategic plant protection