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Preventing yield loss through real-time prediction and diagnosis

Agri-TechE Article

Yield loss diagnosis is one of the features of a new system developed by Omega Crop. Weed mapping and disease prediction is achieved using data gained from multiple sources – satellite, drones, smartphones, hyper-local weather – is layered into Omega Crop’s proprietary crop model resulting in either a yield loss event prediction or diagnosis; the findings delivered to the agronomist or farmer as actionable intelligence.
Co-founders Jared Bainbridge (CEO) and Grant Whittle (CTO) of Omega Crop, presented in the REAP 2021 Start-up Showcase.
Jared says: “When Grant and I started to walk fields with farmers and ask them what really hurt each year, we thought that yield prediction was going to be the thing that would bring them the most benefit. But instead, they wanted to prevent yield loss or reduce the cost of preventing yield loss. They want to know when their diseases are going to occur, or where there weeds are so they can tailor their interventions.”
Grant: “We noticed that other remote sensing solutions in agriculture either came with dedicated hardware or provided additional data to the farmer without telling them what it means. Omega Crop’s crop model tells farmers and agronomists what the data means to them.”
Omega Crop is providing its proprietary crop model services through its web and iOS apps. The software system is independent of any hardware and can be used with a range of data sources, sensors and imaging devices.
Jared is interested in talking to farmers and agronomists about their challenges, and also to potential partners and collaborators.
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