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AgriSound: New Dorset Wildlife Trust report

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AgriSound AgriSound
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New Dorset Wildlife Trust project report demonstrates how easy, impactful and effective biodiversity monitoring can be, using the right tech.

Food producers needing to demonstrate sustainability stewardship to achieve the LEAF Marque accreditation required by major supermarkets, can now access quick, easy and clear biodiversity data with thanks to Polly.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust, a clear voice in the UK’s efforts for biodiversity conservation and habitat restoration, has, today, released a very encouraging report on its ‘24/7 Biodiversity Monitoring’ project, a collaborative project funded through Innovate UK and Defra examining the impact of different systems for biodiversity and species monitoring.

Trialled alongside three other project partners’ systems on a large organic farm in Dorset, AgriSound’s Polly AI insect listening device has been proven as an impactful and insightful piece of technology, with the benefits to biodiversity impartially measured, and shown to be a powerful tool for accurately gathering efficiently outputting real-time data about pollinators and pollination.

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