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Crop4Sight has launched the UK’s first dynamic seed rate tool for planning potato crops

Agri-TechE Article

Crop4Sight is a new, simple to use App for potato crop yield management. It combines potato crop milestone data captured in the field, such as emergence, ground cover and sample digs, with 30 years of potato data and some clever software to give access to instant insights into potato crop performance.
Optimising the seed rate (t/ha of input seed) is a crucial first step in efficient potato crop production, because it controls the plant, stem and tuber population.  Crop tuber populations need to be matched to the target yield to achieve the required net yield.  To help achieve this Crop4Sight has launched the UK’s first dynamic seed rate tool for planning potato crops. It generates target benchmarks for stem and tuber populations from the very start of the season.
Defining the target seed rate requires consideration of both commercial and agronomic factors, including: commercial tuber size fractions, target final yield, planting date, size of input seed and age of input seed amongst others. Until now it has been difficult for growers and agronomists to easily account for them in their crop planning.
Now Crop4Sight’s seed module combines these factors to allow users to easily to create target seed rates.
All seed rates are fully editable should adjustments be required. Multiple seed rates can be created against each individual stock to reflect different planting dates across fields.
In addition, the seed module also uniquely defines the first benchmark for target stem and tuber populations per seed rate.
New functionality being released later in the Spring will re-forecast these crop expectations based on achieved plant spacing and then achieved stem populations. This will allow Crop4Sight users to benchmark and adjust crop expectations right the way through the season.
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