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Increasing resilience and reducing inputs, ‘President’s Time for Tech’ at the Innovation Hub


Camouflage, clover and competition are just some of the strategies to reduce the need for chemicals being discussed in the Agri-TechE Innovation Hub (on stand 95 on Royal Avenue) at the Royal Norfolk Show on 29-30th June, sponsored by the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO), as well as at the networking event ‘President’s Time for Tech’ on Wednesday 29th from 2pm-3pm.

Dr Vicky Foster, Head of BBRO, comments: “With the changing face of farming and the loss of many chemical actives there is a lot of exciting work to discuss. We are proud to be sponsoring the Innovation Hub, allowing a number of interesting companies to join us in showcasing new technology and advances in agricultural research.”

Lord Cholmondeley in the Innovation Hub in 2019
Lord Cholmondeley talking to NIAB’s Lydia Smith in the Innovation Hub in 2019

Time for Tech 

Agri-TechE is looking forward to welcoming VIPs to the stand, including the Dutch Ambassador, who will be accompanied by Philip de Jong, agricultural attaché at the Embassy in London, and Andrew Wood, the Honorary Dutch Consul for East Anglia. Also attending ‘President’s Time for Tech’ will be the President of the Norfolk Show, Lord Cholmondeley.

Dr Belinda Clarke, Director of Agri-TechE, says: “The Royal Norfolk Show is a major event in the agricultural year and we anticipate with the 175 year celebrations and the two year break, that it will be a vibrant show. We hope farmers and others with an interest in technology will keep a slot for ‘Time for Tech’ from 2pm-3pm on Wednesday 29th to come and network, see the exhibitors and meet special guests.”

Exhibitors at the Innovation Hub 2022 include: (click to read their stories) 

Cereal camo-cropping – BBRO. Growing barley or wheat in a sugar beet field is thought to confuse the aphids that spread the disease Virus Yellows, helping to protect the crop and reduce reliance on chemicals.

Clover boosts nutritional value of milk – Barenbrug. With the cost of fertiliser at a seven-year high, growing white clover in grass offers an alternative source of nitrogen, producing more meat and milk from the same area with less cost.

Competition overcomes pests – PfBio. Naturally occurring and beneficial soil bacteria are used to suppress plant diseases and boost plant resilience without chemicals.

Soil nutrient management – NIAB. Long-term trials show that soil health can be improved by closely matching crop demand to nutrient inputs such as fertilisers and organic manures.

Delta robots and smart energy management – Schneider Electric. Spider-like Delta Robots can be used to pick and place products in a vertical farm.

Smart irrigation – DripUK. A recyclable drip tape system that reduces water, energy and labour while ensuring soil moisture levels at a critical time for potato farmers.

Risk assessment – Safe Ag Systems. An on-farm tool called Smart Auditor makes it easy to record checks, report safety issues and gain access to relevant information at the point of need.

Come and find us stand 95 on Royal Avenue on 29-30th June!

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