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Safe Ag Systems presents new tool to support on-farm safety at Innovation Hub 2022

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“Knowing your risks and managing them to keep people safe is not only the right thing to do legally, it’s also the right thing to do morally,” says Hannah Clarke, UK Implementation Specialist at Safe Ag Systems. The company supports farmers in improving safety and compliance by embedding it into the culture. Safe Ag Systems’ software is an operational on-farm tool that can be used by everyone, making it easy to record checks, report safety issues and gain access to relevant information at the point of need. The company will be demonstrating its system in the Innovation Hub at the Royal Norfolk Show.

Safe Ag Systems screenshotIn 2020/21, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recorded an increase in fatal injuries to agricultural workers, 41 compared to the yearly average of 28 fatalities since 2016. The largest cause is being struck by a moving vehicle, followed by being injured by an animal and killed by contact with machinery. Agriculture has a higher injury rate than any other industry, despite only employing 1% of the workforce. It was revealed that over half of these fatalities were farm workers over 60.

Hannah comments: “We know farm vehicles are the biggest hazard and it is concerning that even with improved designs and modern equipment we are still seeing vehicle related accidents.

A risk assessment allows an agribusinesses to systematically identify hazards, evaluate the risks and implement control measures.

“To meet demand for a simple risk assessment that was fit for agriculture and to help farm businesses improve safety and compliance we launched our Risk Assessment Tool in 2021, which addresses two types of risk assessments, Machinery and Equipment, and a General Risk assessment. The tool is free to use and will educate the user on how to identify risk and put corrective actions in motion.”

The online tool guides you through the risk assessment process with a set of questions, which enables you to determine the inherent risks and provides practical advice on how to control them as specified in ISO31000.

Hannah explains: “If safety is tied into an operational tool on-farm – utilised by everyone – it can then provide evidence of behavioural change and also of good practice toward food safety, fair employment and sustainability. Our product is now helping thousands of businesses gain certifications easily.”

Hannah Clarke
Hannah Clarke, UK Implementation Specialist at Safe Ag Systems

Safe Ag Systems supports compliance with health and safety regulations by making policies and procedures easy to access. It also helps to prevent incidents occurring, with a mobile app that makes it easier to update records about chemical handling and maintenance, for example, and to report hazards through an app on a smartphone. Currently, users across five countries utilise the tool to capture records across employment, machinery maintenance, company policy and any type of procedure.

Provable compliance is essential for all agribusiness. There is no right or wrong way to manage safety in the workplace, but you need to be able to prove that you are meeting legal responsibilities. How you prove your compliance may differ for the business, manager and workers.

The team at Safe Ag Systems are known for being innovative and focusing on continuously improving and creating new functionality. The goal is to increase efficiencies and remove the paperwork barriers to enhance operations for an agricultural business. May 2022 will see the addition of an audit module to streamline the process of gaining certifications for food safety and internal audits.

Hannah says that Safe Ag Systems aims to simplify record-keeping by creating a set of maintained records that can address multiple sets of criteria. This tool inputs real-time evidence directly into an audit assessment form.

Hannah is looking forward to talking to people in the Innovation Hub: “My goal is to streamline the excessive paperwork and compliance that farmers have to manage. Every farmer should be able to rest easy knowing they are doing the right thing on farm and that their employees have safety front of mind.”

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