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FoodTech 500 – 2022 listing announced

Meet the Network

The FoodTech 500 has just been announced and the researchers observe a number of changing trends in the industry.

This international index of companies to watch is devised using Forward Fooding’s own algorithm that includes a measure for profile of the company and provides an interesting indices for measuring the direction of travel.

The trends in FoodTech for 2022 include:

FoodTech 500 2022

A slow down in the global foodtech sector after a record year in 2021 – some of this is a readjustment after the pandemic, which saw the rapid growth of some sectors such as the food delivery sector.

Fall in valuations of start-ups – the downturn has reduced the numbers of start-ups considering an IP and late stage valuations have fallen.

Doubts about plant-based proteins – as consumers tighten their belts they have less appetite for paying a premium for plant-based alternatives and there has been realignment in the price of some stocks, such as Oatly and Beyond Meat, which arguably were overvalued initially.

Change in the alternative proteins market – a notable point has been interest in fermentation and cellular agriculture, supported by government initiatives and some interesting collaborations.

Agri-TechE members featured in the Official 2022 FoodTech 500 include:

Companies from the wider network on the list include:

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