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EU has 100 years of top soil left Soil SIG told

Agri-TechE Article

Agri-Tech East Soil Health SIG launch event40% of the world’s agricultural soil is “degraded” or “severely degraded” (FAO), and up to 70 % of the topsoil has gone.  It is predicted the EU has just 100 years of top soil left. These were some of the shocking figures presented at the recent Special Interest Group meeting that underline why the Agri-Tech East Soil Health SIG is so important.

New research emerging from Rothamsted, has revealed the crucial role played by microorganisms in binding and stabilising the soil; creating a strong case for maintaining the levels of organic matter in the soil.

One of the issues arising from the discussions was a lack of knowledge about what constitutes an ‘optimised soil’ and how this can be achieved and managed.

Further discussion is contained in the report which is available to Agri-Tech East members on request.