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Aquagrain™ is a unique, organic based soil improver which can absorb up to 30 times its mass in water providing food and drink for plants.
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Aquagrain incorporates organic waste from the food industry into a biodegradable, carbon chain polymer.

Its organic content, with enhanced micronutrients, not only supplies crops with valuable nutrients, cutting the requirement for inorganic fertilisers, it also significantly stimulates microbial activity in the soil and is ideal for regenerative farming practices.  Aquagrain biodegrades over 12 months to leave just water, CO₂ and organic matter in soil.

Controlled environment trials have shown Aquagrain can cut irrigation requirements by up to 50%, reduce leachate by 60%, proven plants survive up to 16 days longer without irrigation if planted with Aquagrain and can increase crop yield by as much as 3 times, but those results needed verification in commercial growing scenarios.

Instead of burning or landfilling organic food industry waste we convert it into Aquagrain, a cleantech soil improver that absorbs water.

• Aquagrain provides plants with food and water, restores the natural carbon cycle, supporting sustainable, regenerative farming.
• Aquagrain is low cost and simple to use.
• Aquagrain delivered 27.5% and 40% higher crop yields in UK and Middle Eastern rainfed cereal commercial demonstrations in 2021.
• Aquagrain biodegrades over 12 months to leave just water, CO₂ and organic matter in soil

Aquagrain could have a significant global impact on food production and emissions reduction through increased agricultural productivity and waste reduction, delivering a number of UN SDGs either directly, or indirectly.

For more information visit or telephone: 01473 231283.

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In the News