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Agrotech Day in Valencia
Agrotech Day, 21 March 2023, could be an opportunity to meet the Spanish agri-food sector

Agri-TechE is developing connections with innovation clusters worldwide and the latest is Connect Clean, a Spain-based networking organisation focussed on sustainability. The Spanish government has recently announced plans to support producers in migrating towards climate-smart agriculture. 

Connect Clean is organising an event ‘Agrotech Day’ in Valencia that aims to introduce international organisations to the Spanish agri-food market.  They have offered a discount to members interesting in participating.

Based in the historic coastal town of Valencia, this networking opportunity aims to connect farmers with companies offering innovative pre-farm gate solutions, the day-long event will consist of plenary addresses, round table discussions and exhibition opportunities.

Climate-smart agriculture

Spain sees maintaining carbon in its soils as an integral part of its strategy against climate change, with eco-schemes financed with €1.107 billion per year until 2027*.

The government has proposed incentives for producers to incorporate extensive pasture grazing, sustainable harvests, crop rotation, direct sowing, conservation agriculture, and plant covers and uncultivated land to protect biodiversity.

The organisers have invited Agri-TechE Director Dr Belinda Clarke to speak at the event.

Belinda comments: “This event is new territory for Connect Clean and we are pleased to support and find out more about the innovation ecosystem in southern Spain and the requirements of the agri-food value-chain.”

Rethink production models

The organisers for Agrotech Day comment that large farms and the wider agricultural sector needs to rethink their production models and innovate to meet the objectives of sustainable development, so the relationship with national and foreign companies that provide solutions is very important.

At this conference the aim is to connect farm owners with companies that offer innovative solutions.

ConnectClean CEO Sandrine Gil comments: “We are excited to be working with such an established ecosystem as the Agri-TechE membership and look forward welcoming members, both virtually and online, to the International Agrotech Day.”

Discount for Agri-TechE members

The event is aimed at companies with existing products, tools or services, or those that are looking to support farmers in their green and digital transitions.

Members of Agri-TechE are eligible for a 10% discount on the Basic or Gold packages which enable you to give a presentation (Basic) and participate in a Round Table Discussion (Gold). Package holders are also entitled to 4 or 12 months’ (Basic and Gold respectively) expert support from ConnectClean to explore the Spanish and wider European market.

More information on Agrotech Day 21st March 2023

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