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REAP International Café – prepare to do business


Prepare for the business trip of your life, taking in some of most exciting agri-tech clusters across the globe. Meet in the departure lounge of the REAP International Café (sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs) to gain your boarding pass and join your guides. They will give an insider’s briefing on each of these innovation hot spots, introduce you to potential funders and invite you to network with fellow entrepreneurs keen to discuss their experiences and establish partnerships.

Live sessions at REAP Conference 10th November 2021

9:00 – 9:15 Trendlines (Singapore) – accelerator and investment offer a launchpad to Asian markets for those with “near market” solutions.

Anton Wibowo of Trendlines is joined by Chua Kai Ning from Insectta, a portfolio company based in Singapore, and Lim Ying Xuan of Enterprise Singapore, to talk about the support that is available for start-ups in Singapore.

11:10 – 11:25 Oost NL (Netherlands) – the Wageningen UR-Foodvalley Region provides a springboard to key European markets.

Judith van de Bovenkamp from Oost NL is joined by a selection of east Netherlands companies keen to create partnerships and collaborations with UK businesses and organisations.

11:25 – 11:40 Abu Dhabi Investment Office (UAE) – support and demand for innovative new “desert-tech” solutions creates a route to market.

Salvatore Lavallo of ADIO is joined by Ralph Nehme, Senior Director of Aerofarms, to discuss the AgTech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, established to increase food security in the region. 

13:00 – 13:15 Research Triangle Regional Partnership (USA) – opportunities on the largest research park in North America, located in the most agriculturally diverse state in the US.

Ryan Combs from RTRP meets Adrian Percy to discuss the new NC Plant Sciences Initiative. He also talks to John Dombrosky, CEO of start-up Oerth Bio, and Ian Jepson of Syngenta about the Research Triangle ag-tech ecosystem. Karen LeVert of Pappas Capital gives a perspective on the types of funding available. 

13:45 – 14:00 Western Growers Association (USA) – accelerating harvest automation and prioritising food safety are the priorities for leading fruit and vegetable growers in the USA.

Dennis Donohue of WGCIT will be joined by Jeff Morrison, the Director of Innovation & Technology for Grimmway Farms, to discuss the critical issues facing fruit farmers and the innovations that they are adopting. 

16:40 – 16:55 Missouri Partnership / World Trade Center St Louis (USA) – 50% of north America’s crop and livestock production is within 500 miles of St Louis – offering major market opportunities.

Mark Sutherland of Missouri Partnership, Janet Wilding of the World Trade Centre, and Eric Hewitson from Wyld Networks talk about how the intersection of agri-tech and location science is a major driver in  advanced farming and recent developments in Missouri.

Flight destinations include:

Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), a government agency that supports investors and companies looking to establish or expand in Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Salvatore Lavallo, Acting Head of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at ADIO, comments: “The challenge of food security, arid land, intense heat, and limited water supplies are the main obstacles to traditional producers in Abu Dhabi.
“ADIO is supporting innovative AgTech companies applying new technologies and farming methods to tackle these issues. AgTech continues to make great strides in Abu Dhabi. The sector has advanced significantly over the course of the past two years, making it easier for AgTech companies to enter the market.”
Read more… Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP), North Carolina, USA
Ryan Combs, for RTRP comments: “Our region invests heavily in animal production (mainly hogs and poultry), forestry (particularly Christmas trees), row crops (corn, tobacco, and sweet potatoes – NC is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the US, with 1.7 billion pounds grown annually), and horticultural crops (stone fruit and grapes).
“When thinking of the challenges our state faces, they are common to those other agricultural areas across the globe, including farm economies, ageing grower population, and changing technologies and variable adoption rates. We are seeing trends in reducing waste, but we’re also a move towards regenerative farming, and particularly, technologies which can improve soil health and carbon sequestration.”
Read more… Missouri Partnership, gateway to the St Louis agri-food ecosystem, USA
Mark Sutherland, CMO of Missouri Partnership comments: “Farming, food development, precision ag and sustainability are part of the ethos in Missouri and many organizations are focused on them.
“Just recently, AeroFarms announced a vertical farming project in the St. Louis region in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and the St. Louis Controlled Environment Agricultural Coalition.”
Read more… Oost NL, the East Netherlands Development Agency, Netherlands
Judith van de Bovenkamp, International Project Manager at Oost NL, comments: “We’ve seen increasingly that UK companies are become interested in establishing a European entity and the Netherlands provides a very accessible environment for that.
“Farming has always been an important sector in the Netherlands. In East Netherlands we have universities including Wageningen UR and also the Foodvalley, a major driver in the sustainable food system, offering a platform for innovative agri-food organisations – also international ones.”
Read more… Trendlines, an investment company with staff based in Israel, China and Singapore
Anton Wibowo, CEO of Trendlines Agrifood Innovation Centre, comments: “The challenge of food security is becoming more urgent, especially in relatively smaller countries like Singapore and Israel. Any innovation that enables increasing food production with less resources (land, manpower) is in high demand. For example, Singapore is the first country that has approved the sale of cell-based chicken products.
“We see a strong trend towards the urbanisation of food production (indoor farming, recirculating aquaculture system, cell-based proteins) and there are significant opportunities in these areas.”
Read more… Western Growers Association, family farmers growing fresh produce in Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico, USA
Dennis Donohue, WGCIT Director, comments: “Our two strategic initiatives are food safety and accelerating harvest automation across the fresh produce industry, with a goal of automating 50% of harvest within 10 years.
“We are looking to “improve the toolkit” for rapid diagnostics and getting information on a more real-time basis. There are a lot of players involved in the supply chain. As policy discussions continue, the supply chain continues to look at ways to be more collaborative.”
Read more… More information about the REAP International Cafe.

The International Café is sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs.

REAP 2021: Changing Time(s) for Agriculture10th November 2021

Imagine a world where agriculture is not constrained by time. The ability to manage and manipulate time is increasing and REAP 2021 will explore the advances in technology and breakthroughs in science that is making this possible.
REAP brings together people from across the agri-tech ecosystem who believe that innovation is the engine for change. The conference bridges the gap between producer needs and technology solutions and showcases exciting agri-tech start-ups.