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Muntons sustainability in action

Agri-TechE Article

As part of Agri-Tech Week, Muntons, a global maltster based in Suffolk, opened its doors to the agri-tech community to demonstrate the business case for innovation.

In 2007, as the global markets crashed and businesses tightened their belts, Muntons invested heavily in product development and innovation; attempting wonderful things with malt. The argument was simple, if food manufactures aren’t investing in R&D, Muntons would do it for them. Since then they haven’t looked back.

Muntons Agri-Tech WeekAn accidental discovery resulted in ‘malti-choc’, an eco-friendly way to replace 20% cocoa in a chocolate muffin making it more delicious than the original. Whilst adding liquid malt enhances the flavours of many products, for example it makes spaghetti bolognese meatier and cheese biscuits cheesier.

Muntons are not only passionate about malt, but also ‘practical sustainability’.

The malting process results in 12 tankers of water having to be shipped off site to a facility to remove the harmful byproducts, over 3000 a year!  Muntons new amazing anaerobic digester cleans the water on site in 4 days. The sludge is removed and sold as fertiliser and the methane produced generates up to 25% of Muntons electricity demands.

Muntons really is a company that believes in the power of innovation.


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