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1982: Herbicide resistance was first detected in blackgrass…


Shaun Coutts is a quantitative weed ecologist with a specialist interest in blackgrass. His research on weed population dynamics includes experimenting with methods of integrated weed management for blackgrass and techniques to rapidly map weed populations in the field.
He is currently leading a series of projects experimenting with the use of machine vision to improve the accuracy of inter row cultivation for controlling blackgrass in cereal crops.
“Inter row cultivation uses a metal spike to tear up weeds and their roots. Although a tried and tested approach in vegetables, it is much less common in crops with narrow rows like cereals”.
“Our work is looking at whether advancements in machine vision and artificial intelligence can make interrow cultivation in cereal crops feasible as part of an integrated weed management strategy.”

REAP 2021: Changing Time(s) for Agriculture10th November 2021

Imagine a world where agriculture is not constrained by time. The ability to manage and manipulate time is increasing and REAP 2021 will explore the advances in technology and breakthroughs in science that is making this possible.
REAP brings together people from across the agri-tech ecosystem who believe that innovation is the engine for change. The conference bridges the gap between producer needs and technology solutions and showcases exciting agri-tech start-ups.