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Record high temperature recorded by ProData Weather Systems

Agri-TechE Article

Yesterday (25 July 2019) weather station company Prodata Weather Systems recorded a high of 39.5C. A test-site weather station recorded the temperature near to Soham, Cambridgeshire. Prodata Weather Systems is based at the Espace Business Centre in Littleport, with several testing sites around the county where they can test the latest Davis weather stations and their environmental data collecting equipment. Company owner, John Dann, said: “We knew yesterday would be warm, but it rather exceeded our local expectations. Our weather station recorded a high of 39.5C, which we believe is the highest recorded for this local area. Official recording stations are showing a high of 38.1C, which was a record-breaker in itself. Our station is not part of the official recording system, but we know our systems are accurate for type and offer solid environmental data. This data is invaluable to us all, whether we are amateur weather watchers or professionals needing solid data to run their businesses. It also highlights just how much of the local micro-environment can influence exact temperature records.”