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REAP 2020 report launched

Agri-TechE Article

A new era of decision support tools is making it possible to understand the complexity of food production for the first time and to begin to see how the system can be improved at every level to provide both incremental improvements and disruptive change.
The REAP 2020 conference brought together innovative thinkers from different disciplines to look at agricultural production from the perspective of a system that is an integral part of the natural environment.
The online event attracted a global audience and this report aims to provide a flavour of the discussions and to capture some of the excitement of the Agri-TechE innovation ecosystem.
Speakers discussed emerging agri-tech, the learning points gained from technologies already deployed on-farm, and the innovations that by providing decision support for managing risk are moving us closer towards a future that is productive, profitable and sustainable.
To capture the virtual nature of REAP 2020 we have produced an interactive report including video excerpts from many of the presentations (in the form of a Powerpoint Show), as well as a traditional pdf document.