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PlentySense – REAP 2023 Start-Up Showcase

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PlentySense offers real-time monitoring of soil nitrogen availability under growing crops

Around 50 percent of nitrogen (N) applied to crops is not taken up and can leach into the environment. Now sensors developed by PlentySense, a spinout from John Innes Centre, can measure the amount of nitrate taken up by the growing crop and the reserve available in the soil, thereby optimising fertiliser usage.

The first sensors are designed to measure nitrate, but Dr Yi Chen in the team of Professor Tony Miller, Chief Scientific Officer, is working on adjusting the sensor chemistry to quantity other nutrients, including potassium (K) and phosphate (P).

He says that the sensors give early actionable insights: “If aerial or satellite imaging used to measure the health of the crop indicates a yellowing of the leaves, then it is too late – yield has already been affected.

“Our sensors enable action to be taken that will ensure that the plant has the right amount of nutrition throughout the year without waste or yield penalty; this will have a huge financial and environmental benefit.”

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Start-Up Showcase 2023 - Tony Miller, PlentySense (web)
Tony Miller, PlentySense, presenting at the REAP Start-Up Showcase 2023
PlentySense trials 2023

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