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Olmix launches in Dublin

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“For a long time the use of natural products like algae was viewed with some scepticism, but Olmix has a deep scientific understanding of what individual molecules are actually doing,” said sales manager Chris Gamble.
“We can isolate distinct active ingredients which affect the plant or animal in different ways, whether that is protecting against digestive disorders in calves or stimulating plant growth.”
The company has announced the launch of its health, nutrition and biostimulant range of products in Dublin, so now Irish farmers can now take a more holistic approach to plant and animal health.
Olmix biostimulantCombined with micronutrients, inorganic acids, or clay, the products can be used at different stages for maximum effect.  Maria Matard-Mann, research projects manager explains. “We are using refined algal elements as a complement to crop and soil health, not the only part of nutrition. That’s what makes the difference – having both a nutritional and biological activity.”
That joined-up approach even bridges the gap between plant and animal health. “Instead of feeding low quality grass or silage, topped up with expensive supplements, farmers can use Micromix Essential – a foliar fertiliser containing all the essential micronutrients required for animal health and growth – to pasture.
“This is scientifically proven to increase forage quality, leading to higher blood nutrient levels in the livestock, alongside better growth rates and feed conversion efficiencies,” adds Chris Gamble. “At a time when producers are under immense pressure to reduce chemical and antibiotic use, this technology will prove vital in maximising animal health and productivity in a sustainable way.”
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