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Fieldwork Robotics to deliver automated harvester for raspberries


Fieldwork Robotics is on track to deliver an automated harvester for raspberries in 2022 that will be available for hire on a pay-per-kilo basis with selected growers, and is currently fundraising to speed its development.  
Rui Andres, co-founder of Fieldwork Robotics, says: “We are aiming to raise £5m in this year’s funding round to begin commercial manufacture in 2022. We are currently able to manufacture small batches, but it’s not optimised for an assembly line – so this is the next step. 
“We are looking forward to meeting potential investors at the REAP conference but also growers – we’ve developed an automated harvester for raspberries, but we have also proven the capability to adapt to other crops and tasks. What we want to understand now is where should we focus next as we build our technology roadmap.  
“We would be very happy to discuss with growers their needs, their costs, and see where automation fits in terms of priorities.” 

REAP 2021: Changing Time(s) for Agriculture10th November 2021

Imagine a world where agriculture is not constrained by time. The ability to manage and manipulate time is increasing and REAP 2021 will explore the advances in technology and breakthroughs in science that is making this possible.
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