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Goodley Farm Services, your partner on the regen journey

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Goodley Farm Services Goodley Farm Services
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Jimmy Goodley has introduced a zero-tillage system on his family farm and has established Goodley Farm Services to support others to make the transition to regenerative agriculture.

Goodley Farm Services, based in the Stiffkey Valley, North Norfolk, offers a regenerative contract farming service to fellow farmers.

The farm grows wheat, oil seed rape, peas, and forage rye and uses cover crops to ensure that nothing is left brown over the winter. The cover crops also provide an indication of underlying soil issues, such as compaction or nutritional deficiency. The soil ranges from heavy clay to blow away sand.

The transition to regenerative agriculture is a steep learning curve and it can take a while to see the benefits.

Jimmy comments: “When we started on this journey eight years ago there was an element of trial and error to see what worked best, we are now in a position to help others avoid the pitfalls and understand the progression if things haven’t gone as planned.

“We invite other farmers to come on to the farm and see what we are doing and then help them to do soil testing, and baselining in preparation for introducing regen principles. If there is a synergy and a willingness to buy-in to the cooperative, then they agree to proceed.

“Crucially, the landowner will be involved in the decision-making process, they are invited to come on farm walks, and engage with their assets in a way they haven’t done before.

Goodley Farm Services is based in the Stiffkey Valley
Farmland in Stiffkey Valley (Photo © N Chadwick (cc-by-sa/2.0))

“Being part of a cooperative, adds a degree of protection and an opportunity to share experiences and benchmark performance.

“2023 saw good yields and we are looking to further evolve our cover crop policy and introduce more SFI options into the system for 2024.

“But essentially the vision remains the same ‘using botany, limited cultivation and soil biology to build healthy soils and crops.”

Contact Agri-TechE if you wish to connect with Goodley Farm Services.