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Game changing fruit-tech for productivity and sustainability

Agri-TechE Article

Economic conditions in fruit growing and horticulture are still very challenging, with input and production costs increasing faster than the sale price of produce.

Agri-TechE members argue that innovation has potential to transform the sector. Many growers are working closely with researchers and technologists to co-develop solutions to industry challenges.

Here we capture some of the technologies and tools that are becoming available for:

  • precision targeting of inputs
  • management of pests and diseases
  • automating cultivation and harvesting
  • enhancing pollination
  • controlling the growing environment

Take a look through our flipbook below to find out more, including some essential first steps to accelerate technology adoption.

With input from the Agri-TechE ecosystem, including NIAB, PheroSyn, Farmable, RootWave, AgriSound, and University of Essex.