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Rothamsted Enterprises

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An innovation, collaboration and events hub for AgriTech and the business community, based in Hertfordshire.
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The Centre of the Food Web

We are entering one of the most critical periods in human history. Climate change, burgeoning human populations, dwindling natural resources and geopolitical upheaval have created a near perfect storm of challenges for us to tackle. Perhaps more than any other sector, agriculture sits at the centre of this uncertainty and could yet turn out to be either the hero or villain.

The next decade will be pivotal if we are to help tackle the world’s problems and not exacerbate them. Key to agriculture having a positive global impact, will be innovation – turning cutting edge scientific research into practical, workable solutions that feed billions of extra mouths from less land and smarter use of agrochemicals.

Rothamsted Enterprises, formerly known as Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprises (RoCRE), was set up in 2015 to achieve just that, by harnessing the world-renowned scientific expertise of Rothamsted Research to the disruptive power wielded by true agri-food visionaries, creating one of the most dynamic, vibrant and well-connected R&D communities found anywhere in Europe.

It’s All About Alchemy

We could go on about our 175-year heritage. Or our world class research facilities. Certainly, they’re what make us special – but not what make us unique.

Rothamsted is the crucible where researchers, businesses, investors and entrepreneurs mix – a melting pot where evidence sparks ideas, and passion yields results.

Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts

As you can tell, we aren’t some run of the mill science park. Businesses come here because they want to work with each other, and with Rothamsted’s scientists. But these relationships don’t end there.

Our conference centre brings the outside world in and our community truly is at the centre of a new food web. Collectively, our linkages circle the globe, plugging us into the major networks of academia, finance, government and industry.

Responsive and Agile

With a laser focus on innovation and economic growth, we easily adapt to shifting political and financial landscapes, aligning us as easily with the UK’s Industrial Strategy as with the Vision for Agriculture.

Regionally, we are part of the Herts Innovation Quarter, The LEP and The Herts Science Partnership, with the county fast becoming the nexus for smart ideas in the fields of sustainability, farming and food production.

A Sound Base

With a variety of office and lab spaces for rent, international conference centre, popular restaurant, and VIP destination venue, Rothamsted Enterprises is built on a strong, diverse, and financially sound platform that capitalises on the facilities and expertise on site, our proximity to London, and a variety of excellent transport links.

We are proud to be part of the Rothamsted family – a place name steeped in scientific history thanks to the discoveries of our founder and all that have followed in his footsteps.

John Bennet Lawes was a man of science but also a true visionary, and arguably, the world’s first agritech entrepreneur.

Today, almost two centuries since he established his Institute, we’ve honoured his belief that science should be used in the service of humanity, by assembling like-minded organisations looking to work together to improve the lives of everyone.

We are very selective in who we give space to, but once you are here, you are very much a part of our family.

Ensured of both our attention to detail and integrity, you will find a supportive and inspiring environment in which to do your work.

And along with the world class facilities being at Rothamsted will open all sorts of doors for you – to science, to training, to investors.

Our goal is to accelerate your growth as a business and we value relationships, excellence and results above all else.

So, if you think we could be a good fit for each other, why not get in touch?

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