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Agricultural production is disturbed by increasing volatility from climate change, shifting market demands, and geopolitical tumult . This growing uncertainty hinders food chain industrials’ capabilities to grow efficiently and to meet their sustainability commitments.

At the heart of Hyperplan is the conviction that timely and reliable visibility into agricultural production is critical for the food chain industry to outpace the trends. Our mission is to provide unparalleled visibility that boosts the growth and sustainability of the entire agri-food chain.

Hyperplan software is a game-changer in commercial and procurement operations, enabling users to:
• Grow Your Perimeter: Venture into new territories with comprehensive visibility at parcel or farm-level, rapidly identify prospects with parcel-search service, and manage commercial teams effectively to optimize and steer sales & marketing efforts.
• Stay Ahead of the Game: Create data-driven budgets with forward-looking season estimates and safeguard ongoing operations with timely and reliable crop monitoring.
• Unlock Seamless Interoperability: Our software is built as a library of data at parcel-level, that can be augmented with data from your IS (ERP, CRM, FMS), so that Hyperplan enhances your team and evolves as your personalized hub of market and business intelligence.
• Become a Sustainability Champion : Monitor and expand sustainable agricultural practices, such as tillage, cover cropping, and rotations.

Hyperplan software, powered by remote sensing data and cutting-edge AI, offers:
• Comprehensive Visibility on Agricultural Production: From parcel-level to national scales, access field boundaries, crop rotations, yield estimates, and quality risk assessments.
• Real-Time Crop Monitoring: Analyze and compare vegetation status, phenology, and mechanical events with unprecedented reliability .
• The Easiest and Fastest Access to Relevant Insights : An easy-to-deploy and user-friendly interface that transforms parcel-level data into actionable decisions in daily operations .

Hyperplan distinguishes itself in the agricultural technology sphere with a unique blend of cutting-edge capabilities and customer-focused solutions:
• Built for day-to-day operations: Hyperplan transforms the complexity of parcel-level crop monitoring into an intuitive interface, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows, so you can make informed decisions.
• A one-stop shop for remote-sensing base data at parcel-level: Our ever-evolving AI covers an extensive range of information at the parcel level, including field delineation, a best-in-class performance in crop rotation (historical, in-season, and future projections), yield estimates, and quality risk assessments.
• Enabling a “Transformative change”: More than software, a service helping you revamp your organization and processes to take an edge over your competition.
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