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Eurofins AgriGenomics is the world #1 genomics services supplier with a wide range of tailored, high throughput genotyping solutions to help you achieve your goals faster, for less.

DNA marker discovery
Identify key marker-trait associations in your breeding populations using our range of discovery platforms, including whole genome sequencing, reduced representation library sequencing (GRAS-Di) or high density microarrays. Our Agrigenomics bioniformatics teams can help with marker selection for downstream applications.

Marker-assisted selection
Our flexible range of genotyping platforms can accommodate any level of complexity for marker-assisted selection strategies, with no compromise on accuracy, and with the speed required to make rapid breeding decisions.

Our NGS-based and qPCR-based solutions are robust, flexible and deliver your data at very low costs.

Microbiome and metagenomics
Unravel the complexity of plant-microbe interactions with our NGS-based Agrigenomics solutions for metagenome analysis.

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In the News