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Bio Natural Solutions voted one of top 20 start-ups at Fruit Logistica

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avocado Bio Natural Solutions protected from fusarium
Avocados are among the fruit that can be protected by waxing

An extract from the discarded peel of tropical fruits is providing a powerful protectant from fungal diseases. The protective coating, developed by Bio Natural Solutions, contains natural compounds with a high antioxidant capacity, which, when applied to the outside of a harvested fruit reduces the incident of phytopathogens. The company was highlighted as one of the 20 best global start-ups at Fruit Logistica.

Nicole Tovar Helfers of Bio Natural Solutions explains: “We have identified that avocados have a high incidence of the fungal diseases Fusarium spp and Colletotrichum spp.

“To protect the fruit we have created an organic coating called ‘Life Cover’. This wax is applied to the entire surface and has a slow release active ingredient that inhibits the growth of the fungi.

“We use tropical fruit residues from the peels and seeds of mango, citrus and avocado peels and extract from natural, harmless compounds with high antioxidant capacity. These active ingredients enhance the effectiveness and protection of our coating, reducing the need to use agrochemicals in post-harvest.

“Being selected as one of the 20 best global start-ups in the sector at Fruit Logistica was a great opportunity. It gave us visibility within the fair as a Peruvian-British start-up and this will allow us greater access to new markets with exposure worldwide.”

Protected from fusarium

Bio Natural Solutions has a range of products for protecting fruit and sanitising surfaces. Nicole says: “Our aim is to change the world one peel at a time, with our patented technology that improves the shelf life of fruits without using agrochemicals.”

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