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2021 VOYAGE offers soft introduction to the North American agri-food ecosystem


If you are considering Canada as a new market or are interested in collaborative research projects with generous government support, then consider applying for the VOYAGE programme. It builds on the success of previous missions co-hosted by Agri-TechE and the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority SREDA and offers supported expansion into North America with the Global Agri-food Advancement Partnership. Alex Fallon, SREDA President, comments: “VOYAGE offers international agri-tech start-ups the opportunity to explore business development and partnership opportunities through taking part in Saskatoon’s newest agri-food incubator, the Global Agri-food Advancement Partnership (GAAP). VOYAGE winners will have access to world-class agri-tech research facilities, new markets, dynamic partnership and research collaborations, and potential funding and investment opportunities.
“VOYAGE will bring start-ups to one of the leading agtech jurisdictions in North America, helping to take their growth to the next level.
“It has been a pleasure to work with Agri-TechE on the previous HARVEST programme, which brought a cohort of companies to Saskatoon. As Covid restrictions are lifting we hope once again to host interested companies and support their expansion.” Alex Dinsdale of the membership organisation Agri-TechE says that a diverse group of companies have benefited from previous missions.
He says: “Saskatchewan has a strong track record in the crop development and production and, as the fifth-largest exporter of food, it is a good place to access the Canadian market. There is significant public funding into the VOYAGE programme and there is a well-connected agri-tech ecosystem which is supportive to early-stage companies.
“We welcome the opportunity to work again with SREDA and Ag-West Bio on this exciting programme.”

VOYAGE soft entry to North American markets

VOYAGE offers funding for travel to Saskatchewan and discounted enrolment in the Global Agri-food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) incubator. GAAP brings together the resources of the Global Institute for Food Security, the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre and Innovation Place.
The three-month incubator program supplies greenhouses, labs, offices and concierge services to help agri-tech start-ups with networking opportunities, training, path-finding and financial investment.

Programme benefits

  • Up to $4,000 CAD to be used for travel and accommodations while enrolled in the GAAP incubator
  • Opportunity to participate in a three-month GAAP incubator ($5,000) at a discounted rate of 50% ($2,500)
  • Opportunity to showcase your technology to the Saskatchewan agri-food and agriculture industries
  • Networking with industry leaders and exploration of business opportunities in the Saskatoon Region

How to apply

Entrants need to apply by 30th August 2021 and meet the following criteria:

  • Be beyond proof-of-concept and be ready to expand
  • Have a technology applicable to the Saskatchewan agri-food industry
  • Provide a company profile
  • Provide an overview of their technology and how it applies to the Saskatchewan agri-food and/or agriculture industries

The VOYAGE application form is available to download here.
Applications must be sent to
Read the rules here.