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Six Questions with Agri-TechE’s Founder & Director

Agri-TechE Article
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As Agri-TechE marks its 10th anniversary, we embark on a special series, “Ten for 10,” offering insights into our journey, milestones, and the future for agri-tech.

Our Founder and Director, Belinda Clarke, initiates the series, reflecting on her work before Agri-TechE, dispelling myths about agri-tech, addressing technological trends, and identifying inspirational leaders.

Join us on this retrospective journey and gain a deeper understanding of Agri-TechE’s evolution and vision for the years ahead.

Six Questions with Agri-TechE’s Founder & Director, Belinda Clarke:
00:04 – What motivated you to create Agri-TechE, and what were you doing before?
01:36 – Tell us a common myth about agri-tech.
02:37 – What about Agri-TechE makes you most proud?
04:06 – How does Agri-TechE keep up with technological trends to stay ahead of the curve?
05:24 – Who do you look up to as a great leader?
06:12 – How do you relax at the end of a busy week?