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Why join Agri-TechE?

• Agri-TechE is the UK’s longest running agri-tech network (launched in 2014)

• Huge variety of members from different disciplines, from farmers to technologists, research to support services – at our events, you’ll expand your network and meet new, relevant expertise and businesses which can help you

 Thought leader in agri-tech with strong links to policy makers, influencers and global agri-tech clusters

• Membership has always been the focus of our organisation – bringing value to members is our priority

• Ability to provide potted overview of what’s happening in agri-tech – from policy changes, to industry drivers, to the latest technology trends –ideal for those working across sectors

• Range of profile raising activities, including outlets for your content, exhibitions and support opportunities at events

By engaging with Agri-TechE, you’ll be one of the first to hear about the latest developments in scientific research, have sight of cutting-edge technology for agriculture, understand the funding landscape with connections to public and private investors, and meet innovative growers from across the UK.


Levels and Benefits

Our membership tiers are designed for you to pick a level that is right for your business needs. No matter which level you choose, you receive: 


How could membership help you?

Our members tell us that some of the most impactful activities for them include the bespoke connections from enquiring members looking for agri-tech specialists; exposure to start-ups and new-to-industry businesses; and our online events and BlogChat so you can get an overview of a current topic or trend.