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Soil Science Apprenticeship with MSc in Soil Science

Cranfield University

About the Job

This part-time course is primarily delivered online, with students coming together twice annually for week-long residentials at Cranfield. The course meets the requirements of the Soil Scientist Level 7 Apprenticeship Standard. Eligible organisations are able to use £21,000 of their Apprenticeship Levy towards the £23,282 fees.

Why this course?
The course will equip and upskill organisations with the knowledge, understanding, tools, practices, and resources to achieve optimal soil management across both rural and urban settings.

The course aims:

To help students to critically evaluate soil properties and functions, and understand how soils interact with the wider environment to deliver critical ecosystem goods and services.

To allow students to devise effective soil management plans that can integrate the principles of sustainable and resilient land management with the priorities of local and national policy.

To provide students with a wide-ranging toolkit for effective decision-making across different land-use and management contexts, including GIS-based mapping, data analytical skills, field-based techniques, and laboratory analyses.

To empower students to enhance their professional competencies and personal development in order to build the next generation of soil scientists ready to address the needs of internal and external stakeholders and tackle grand and complex challenges.

About You

Who is it for?
The course is suitable for:

Soil scientists and consultants, who are keen to upskill their knowledge and understanding of soil monitoring and analysing soil conditions, as well as those who assist farmers in determining soil health and optimizing sustainable management strategies.

Employees of organisations that offer guidance on earthworks, construction and demolition projects, or urban green infrastructure, who are keen to advance their expertise in assessing and mitigating the effects of such works on urban soils.

Soil mappers and surveyors who use a combination of digital technology and traditional tools like soil pit digging to evaluate soil types for various stakeholders.

Environmental consultants specializing in providing advice on sustainable materials, waste management, biodiversity, flood control, and ecosystem restoration.

Government agencies and non-profit organizations that inform soil policy decisions and develop guidance documents

About Us

As a specialist postgraduate university, Cranfield’s world-class expertise, large-scale facilities and unrivalled industry partnerships are creating leaders in technology and management globally.

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Cranfield University
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Soil Science Apprenticeship with MSc in Soil Science
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