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New Anglia Growth Hub: Business Transition to Net Zero Grant 

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New Anglia Growth Hub

Offered by New Anglia, the Business Transition to Net Zero Grant is aimed at businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk with ambitions to reduce their carbon footprint and increase productivity.

Grants between £25k and £100k are available, with a maximum intervention rate of 20% of the cost of the development. To be awarded the minimum of £25k, you must show total project costs of at least £125k.

The scheme will fund capital developments, rather than LED lighting or the supply or installation of solar panels. Eligible schemes will include those which improve productivity for the business and supply chain and make use of clean and/or renewable energy production and the recycling of goods and materials.

You will be taken though a consultancy to develop a decarbonisation plan, if you don’t have one already, and these will include aspirations for energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction, and a reduced impact on the natural environment.

To be eligible for grant funding, you must meet the following essential criteria:

• Employ fewer than 250 people and have a turnover of less than EUR 50m or annual balance sheet less than EUR 43m
• Be a trading enterprise and have at least two years’ worth of accounts
• Be based in Norfolk or Suffolk
• Be ready to invest or expand in the local area
• Must not have been a company ‘in difficulty’ on 31 December 2019
• Must not be subject to pending striking off or insolvency action
• Your business does not fall into one of the following sectors: primary agriculture (including processing and marketing of agricultural products), horticulture, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, coal, steel, shipbuilding, care, education, retail, hospitality or accommodation.


The grant is for capital developments, the following are examples of what we cannot fund:
• Core running or staff costs (revenue costs)
• Solar panel supply and/or installations
• Premises costs
• LED lighting
• Vehicles (energy efficient or fossil fuel)
• Intangible Assets – IP, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Names
• Any costs incurred before a grant offer is made
• Items not directly needed to deliver the proposed work
• The replacement of items and consumables including laptops and software
• Website creation
• WMS/CRM platforms or equivalent
• Land purchase
• VAT, unless this cannot be recovered
• Any projects that can be funded from other LEP grant schemes
• Repeat applications, including from linked companies.

To apply, contact New Anglia Growth Hub via