Aerial monitoring is useful but ground-truthing is key – Delta-T Devices

Delta T at RNS 2019 1

Ahead of REAP 2022 ‘Making Sense of Agriculture’ Dr Newstead at Delta-T-Devices explains need for ground truthing at soil level.

Despite advances in remote monitoring there remains a need for sensor data on the ground at higher resolution – closer to the crop, or under polytunnels he says.

Dr Newstead explains where the opportunities are for improved decision support.  

Making Sense of Agriculture with Elizabeth Fastiggi REAP 2022

Elizabeth Fastiggi AWS

At this year’s REAP conference we will exploring the interface between the real and the virtual worlds, and how emerging technologies will enable improve decision making against a background of turbulence in the natural and economic environment.To provide the big picture we are delighted to have Elizabeth Fastiggi, Head of Worldwide Business Development for Agriculture at Amazon Web Services (AWS), as the keynote speaker at REAP 2022.

Tina Barsby OBE

Tina Barsby

Honorary Professor of Agricultural Botany, University of Cambridge

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Head of Planetary Intelligence, Scientific Technologies

Elizabeth Fastiggi

Elizabeth Fastiggi, AWS

Head of Worldwide Business Development for the Agriculture vertical at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

REAP Conference 2022: Making Sense of Agriculture

REAP 2022: Making Sense of Agriculture

Agri-TechE’s REAP conference is an opportunity to review how the meeting of real and virtual worlds is creating a new generation of technologies that are ‘making sense of agriculture’ and that can provide the intelligence needed to take the best action on-farm.