How to increase farmer adoption of new innovations

increase farmer adoption of new innovations Outfield

“Working closely with farmers can provide mutual benefit, but relationship management is an under-appreciated skill. This Farmer Tech session will provide some interesting insights into how this can be achieved” says Belinda. “There is still a distance to go, but by sharing experiences we will learn how to do it better.”

Doug Dear

Partner – AS & EA Dear & Son / D&P Custom Feeding

University of Essex / EIRA

University of Essex - EIRA

University of Essex and EIRA will be showcasing skills and expertise available within Essex Plant Innovation Centre (EPIC) in plant productivity, soil health, robotics and AI. They will also review projects in the agri-tech field that received funding from EIRA (Enabling Innovation: Research to Application) and information on funding options.



YAGRO Analytics, the company’s new system, aggregates on-farm business data into a simple online tool, and gives the farm manager incredible detail and insight on the farm’s current and historical performance.



Drone4Agro is a crop and field spraying drone that is fully automatic and GPS controlled to an accuracy of within 2cm. It also autonomously lands on its charging/refilling platform and takes off to resume spraying from the same point.