Vets need to be more involved with technology

Matt Dobbs Stonehaven (feat)

“A good farm vet now needs to be able to understand data, statistics and the risks to really advise and help the farmer and this includes the implementation of technology,” Matthew Dobbs, a former farm vet and now Digital Practice Lead for Stonehaven Consultancy is joining the Sofa Session at REAP 2021.

The challenge of time ignites debate

John Barrett

Timeliness is everything in farming, says John Barrett, Director of Sentry. John and other Agri-TechE members including Clive Blacker, Map of Ag, comment on the challenge of time.

Oost NL in the International Café at REAP 2021

“We’ve seen increasingly that UK companies are become interested in establishing a European entity and the Netherlands provides a very accessible environment for that,” says Judith van de Bovenkamp, International Project Manager at Oost NL, the East Netherlands Development Agency.  Oost NL will be returning to REAP to take part in the International Café and build on its relationships within the agri-tech community.

What if time was no constraint? REAP Conference Debates

Alex Webb at REAP 2021

Timing for the harvest this year is extremely challenging, said farmer Tom Pearson at the start of September. “50% of our crop is still in the ground unharvested because we’ve not been able to get any haulage to take wet grain to dryers.” Technologies to remove time constraints are to be discussed at REAP 2021.

Ed Ford

Ed Ford, Dyson Farms

Technical Agronomist, Dyson Farming

Nick Duncan

Nick Duncan, Bayer CropScience

Business Development Lead, Bayer CropScience

Niall Mottram

Niall Mottram

Head of Industrial & Energy, Cambridge Consultants