John Stamford

Plant physiology post-doctoral researcher at the University of Essex

PheroSyn gains funding for pheromone trap for midges and weevils

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Pheromones, used by insects for communication, can be used to lure and trap pests. PheroSyn, a spin-out from Rothamsted Research, has been awarded an Innovate UK grant (£200k) to develop the supply chain for a new set of insect pheromones to tackle midges and weevils. It is working with PGRO on these major pests of beans.

Alex Webb

Chair of Cell Signalling, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

Lianxiu Han

Professor of Computer Science, Manchester Metropolitan University

Marwa Mahmoud

Department of Computer Science, University of Cambridge

Vicky Foster

Head of the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO)