WeedBot is a technology company that builds high precision weeding systems for conventional and organic farmers. Our weeding equipment relies on computer vision to distinguish between weeds and crop and use high power laser to eliminate weeds. Laser weeding technology developed by Weedbot is environmentally friendly and can replace herbicide usage and manual weeding.

Writtle University College

Set in the beautiful Essex countryside, just 2 miles from Chelmsford, Writtle University College puts 'Science in Practice' in a welcome, friendly and supportive environment. We offer a personal approach to your learning, with practical, industry focused courses in a number of specialist disciplines across animal, land-based, art and design and sport subjects. Our courses [...]

Willand Group

Willand Group set out with a single vision, to create the most cutting edge beef farm imaginable. To serve as a platform for the latest and greatest technology in the industry and facilitate academic research into beef production at scale. So much of the work we did was relevant to other livestock species, that our […]

Wyld Networks

Modern agricultural business heavily depends on the ability to manage resources, minimise cost, and maximise yield. Advances in engineering and digital technology, especially the rapid rise of IoT devices, have enabled a new level of crop and livestock monitoring providing valuable data that traditionally was collected manually or not available at all. An overarching challenge […]


Weatherquest colour logoWeatherquest is a weather forecasting, weather consulting and weather analytics SME, based on the Norwich Research Park. In addition to providing 7-day a week support to all in agriculture and horticulture, across multiple channels, we undertake collaborative underpinning R&D, forge partnerships and help deliver integrated solutions to support day-to-day and strategic decision-making. Our work also [...]

Wroot Water Limited

Wroot Water Limited was started 20 years ago when, as a medium size potato grower and  following  the drought in the mid 90s, we found ourselves subject to restrictions on our ability to  irrigate. These restrictions led to us having to look at alternative methods of irrigation which enabled us to use water more efficiently. […]