Silal, is Abu Dhabi’s new fresh food and agritech company.  The company works with a network of over 900 growers, service providers, retailers, and regulators  and is uniquely positioned to support companies looking to establish or expand in the Middle East. Established in 2020, Silal is driven by a clear mandate to deliver on the […]


Collecting and assessing data for the reduction in soil erosion and diffuse pollution at catchment level. Advising use of unique micronised, 100% biodegradable, soil flocculant/conditioner increasing soil health and water quality for farmers, assisting with data integration and modelling to increase support payments and meet DEFRA SFI-CCUK and DPIA legislative requirements.

Sundown Products

Based in West Cambridgeshire, Sundown Products manufacture high fibre animal feed and animal (poultry & equine) bedding from locally sourced straw.

Spectrum Technology

Extraction & Processing Equipment For CBD & THC Oil Spectrum is a new standard for Cannabis processing in the UK & Europe. Our partners include highly-respected businesses from North America, enabling us to provide robust, high quality, CE-Marked & GMP-compliant equipment whilst providing local service and support. From Extraction, Winterisation, Solvent Recovery, Decarboxylation & Distillation […]

Suffolk New College

Suffolk New College is based in Suffolk with campuses at Suffolk Rural in Otley for land-based provision, at Ipswich, and  ‘On the Coast’ at Leiston & Halesworth. The College focuses upon providing a curriculum that meets the needs of students, employers and the wider community. The offer takes into account the needs of providing a skilled workforce for the […]

Safe Ag Systems

Originally developed as an online Health and Safety platform, overtime Safe Ag Systems has transformed into a software program, available on both desktop and mobile app. Their mission is to remove paperwork associated with compliance for agribusinesses without having to compromise on productivity and quality assurance. Providing support to a range of clients, whose businesses [...]

Square Mile Farms

sqaure mile farms LogoSquare Mile Farms is an urban, vertical farming business with a difference: we bring vertical farms to the workplace by integrated farm-walls, farm-displays and other edible green spaces into the office environment. We curate workplace experiences and engage & educate employees. In doing so we are helping to create a more sustainable food system, whilst [...]


smartbell logoSmartbell offers an enterprise IoT and Artificial Intelligence based solution for livestock rearing and management. The fully automated system includes distress alerts, herd analysis, tracking across the value chain and customised management reports. The system uses advanced analytics on data gathered from animal wearables for early detection of issues. Smartbell also cross references regional data to [...]


sencrop logoSencrop aims to provide all farmers with affordable, easy-to-use technology to collect and manage weather data from their fields. With simple installation and a user-friendly application, Sencrop’s weather stations -- connected rain gauges, anemometers, leaf wetness trackers -- provide high-quality, local measurements so that farmers can track their data in real time, set alerts, and [...]

Small Robot Company

We’re an agri-tech start up commercialising a deceptively simple idea: small robots not big tractors. We are building robots that will seed and care for each individual plant in your crop. They will only feed and spray the plants that need it, giving them the perfect levels nutrients and support, with no waste. Our robots [...]

Sentry Ltd

SentrySentry Ltd is one of the largest national farming companies in the UK. With 50 years of farming experience, Sentry are proud to have 20,000 hectares of land under cultivation for clients throughout the country, annually growing over 400,000 tonnes of local produce. Our mission is to continually innovate and develop the strength of our [...]

Scarab Solutions

Newly established in the UK, Scarab Solutions is the global leader in crop pest and disease management software for protected crops: Scarab Precision is a software-based service that keeps your team on top of your crop scouting information with high precision pest and disease maps, charts and tables. Scarab Action builds on Scarab Precision to […]