Deep Planet

Agri tech company helping farmers optimise production using satellite imagery, AI and ground sensors. Advancing the state-of-the-art in precision viticulture, we apply scientifically proven research in AI to help growers and winemakers to make better farming decisions.   Some of the latest features: Irrigation Scheduling Optimise Your Water Use Efficiency Deep Planet’s irrigation scheduling tool, […]

Deben Agronomy Ltd

Deben Agronomy Ltd. is a truly independent agronomy service, providing growing advice to some of the leading potato and vegetable producers in East Anglia. Our BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomists are able to advise on the full range of vegetable, arable and AD forage crops, with particular specialisms in potato, onion, parsnip and carrot production. […]

The Digital Vineyard

The Digital Vineyard is a technology business based at JoJo’s Vineyard, Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire. Our aim is to test and develop practical manageable technologies to improve the performance of vineyards in the UK and beyond. We are currently testing AI products from Australia and from Harwell in Oxfordshire. Understanding vine growth in detail will help overall […]

Drone AG

Drone AG Logo

Drone Ag Limited is a UK based team of farmers, agronomists, drone pilots and software engineers that provide drone training courses and easy-to-use software solutions that help make farming more efficient, with less hassle.   Skippy Scout is Drone Ag’s new software platform. It is the only app that automates leaf-level crop data collection using […]


Double featured logo

Double builds companies. Occasionally on our own, more usually with others. Sometimes part of the founding team, sometimes working with established companies to help get things moving. What do we bring to the team? Experience, creativity, pragmatism & fairness. Good networks. An ability to roll with the punches and to keep going when things get […]


“WE MAKE DRIP IRRIGATION WORK FOR YOU” DripUK founder Andrew Howseman has 35year’s experience managing & growing Irrigated crops across several counties. Managing crops of irrigated Potatoes, Onions, Vegetables, Carrots, Herbs and various Organic crops, with a broad experience of varying soil types and the difference this makes to irrigation requirements, Andrews valuable knowledge is […]

De Sangosse

De Sangosse

Safeguarding crop performance begins with ensuring the inputs applied to control weeds, pests and diseases or provide nutrition are free to deliver their full potential. As a leader in complementary chemistry, De Sangosse has made it its business to help growers make the most of every crop. Advice With water making up more than 95% […]

Delta-T Devices

Delta-T DevicesEstablished in 1971, Cambridge based Delta-T Devices is a high-tech co-operative which designs instruments for measuring and monitoring the environment. They have a strong focus on soil moisture, precision irrigation, agronomy, plant physiology, eco-physiology, data logging, solar radiation and meteorology. Their soil moisture kits provide cost effective and accurate soil water measurements; the kits are [...]