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Agri-TechE Member Event: Envisioning net zero futures for the Agri-Food sector

Thursday 4th February @ 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm


How can we begin to construct a path to a net zero future when we have no real concept of how it might look and feel? (Not to mention what it might cost).

Are all the possible outcomes of a net zero future beneficial to everyone? What – and where – are the potential pitfalls to be avoided?

And most importantly, how is your organization evolving to contribute to the challenging net zero target set out by the government for agriculture and the wider UK?

We’re really excited to invite Agri-TechE members to join us for an exclusive event where we will collaboratively participate in a creativity workshop aimed at helping us think in new ways about the future of the agri-food system and our roles within it.

Our aim will be to develop some shared visions around possible scenarios, both utopian and dystopian, inspired by some specially-designed “artefacts from the future.” These items will spark our thinking and allow us the space to consider how we feel about these possible new realities. And whether – and how – they could benefit our organisations and society as a whole.

This event is an unprecedented opportunity to look at the broader impact of the net zero aim on the agri-tech ecosystem as a whole but also for your own organisation. We are proud to offer unique access to the globally renowned expertise to international thought leaders Method, who will guide and help structure our collective thinking. In addition to the workshop, attendees will meet other members and forge new links and partnerships, triggering fresh insights and ideas through collaboration.

We are delighted to welcome Chris Brown, Head of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing at Asda to be joining us for a keynote introduction to set the scene and share some of the insights from one of the major retailers.

Why should you attend?

The ambition to achieve net zero will impact every farm, technology business, research organisation and service provider.

Everyone will benefit from the opportunity to step back and reflect, while also gaining new skills and knowledge to help inform strategic planning to better understand your organisation’s contribution to achieving net zero.

Working towards a net zero future is at the centre of what we all need to be aiming towards, how will your business contribute and how might you be impacted by a net zero future?


Farmers and growers

Where are the carbon savings – or storage opportunities – to be made? What will a farm in a net zero future look like? How might your role alter in terms of business drivers, data management and new skills and responsibilities?



What new knowledge might be needed to inform the new future? What research could we begin to explore now to fill the pipeline of discovery and applied science for a net zero world?


Professional Service Providers

How can we make the numbers stack up? What might be the IP assets of a net zero future? How might the “business of business” change if a greater emphasis is on public goods than economic growth? How will the shape and structure of the industry – UK and beyond – change – and your organisation with it?

Business Support and Agri-infrastructure

How will laboratories, plant growth facilities, animal houses and incubators adapt to a new future? Who will businesses turn to for accurate advice and support as they navigate new regulation and standards?


Managing Data

Will we be measuring and collecting the same data? In the same way? What tools will we need to make informed decisions across the supply chain as we progress toward the net zero target?



How will net zero drive new investment opportunities? How might the credentials of companies and investors be perceived when business, governments, and society are increasingly focusing on different priorities?


Technology developers/innovators

Will your technology still be relevant in 10, 25 or 50 years time? How could your innovation adapt to, or accelerate the move towards net zero? What other uses could your tech, tool, service or product be pivoted to support?


Education institutions

How can we best support the new generations with the skills and knowledge to lead and develop the change required?




How can you best support your clients, customers and stakeholders to share best practice and credible information? What new communication channels might emerge? How will you be best placed to respond?


Agri-TechE Member Event: Envisioning net zero futures for the agri-food sector

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This FREE event is exclusive to Agri-TechE members. 

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February 4th, 2021 1:30 PM through  5:00 PM
Hosted Virtually
United Kingdom


Thursday 4th February
1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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