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Hummingbird Technologies

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Hummingbird Technologies Ltd is an artificial intelligence business using drone and satellite technology, along with our proprietary algorithms to provide farmers and agronomists with a suite of maps to help them make informed farm management decisions. Our technology uses the most advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, delivering actionable insights on crop health directly to the field.
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Over the past 2 years we’ve been doing a vast amount of R&D work with businesses and institutes such as Velcourt, NIAB, Beeswax Dyson Farming, Spearhead, BASF to name a few. Having flown in excess of 120,000 hectares, over 50 farms last year, we are confident in offering our service to a wider audience. We have expanded our field ops team to 35 pilots, from 10 last year to ensure we can continue to offer fast reliable information, with data being processed as provided back to the customer within 24hours.

Hummingbird offer a range of different services across a range of crops in Cereals and Veg, such as crop stress detection, detection of diseases, weed grass mapping, nutrient management mapping as well as yield prediction and plant counting in row crops. We have also been doing a lot of bespoke work with more unique crops such as Christmas trees and tailored mapping such as pest-damage.

We focus on targeted deliverables:
·       Reducing input costs at a field level by targeted applications
·       Improving environmental impact
·       Useable maps, which can be exported by shape-file directly to your machine, or via your existing farm management software

Providing this in time for key decision points throughout the season helps to increase agricultural yields, optimise resource-consumption and sustainably manage land for a better future.

Find them on Twitter: @TechHummingbird

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