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FOLIUM Food Science Limited

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FOLIUM Food Science Limited
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FOLIUM Science is a UK based biotechnology business that was founded in 2016 as a division of SNIPR Holdings APS. The business was founded in Cambridge and has R&D laboratories in Bristol.

FOLIUM Science has developed unique and patented technology that will selectively remove unwanted bacteria and restore the microbiome to good health. This technology is called “Guided Biotics®”. It will help to reduce the need to use antibiotics in farmed animals and crops and enable new microbiome-based traits to be developed.



In a world where antimicrobial resistance is a major global threat, where antibiotics are increasingly ineffective, unacceptable to consumers and restricted in use, FOLIUM Science’s revolutionary new biotechnology will help to solve these problems and will support productivity for the farming community.

Guided Biotics® are based on patented CRISPR-Cas technology. CRISPR is an acronym that describes repeating sequences of DNA that form part of the natural bacterial immune system that has developed to recognise and destroy the DNA of invading elements such as bacterial viruses. Guided Biotics®  use CRISPR-Cas systems to kill undesirable bacteria by degrading their DNA at specific locations thereby inactivating and eliminating the targeted pathogen. This makes it a valuable tool for precise control of microbial populations in the guts of farmed animals, restoring the microbiome to good health. This in turn supports animal well-being and reduces gastric emissions such as methane.


FOLIUM Science CEO Ed Fuchs says “Guided Biotics® are a new and very exciting technology. We recognise all the challenges caused by bacterial infection in farmed animals and have been shocked by the limited solutions that are currently available within the industry. With our new partner from the animal nutrition industry on board we are now in a position to bring our technology to market as the BiomElix brand”.


FLOURISH is a new daughter company to FOLIUM, which will advance and commercialise proof-of-concepts established with the support of the John Innes Centre and Innovate UK.

FLOURISH uses Guided Biotics®  technology to modulate the microbiome of plants, seeds and soils; controlling the crop microbiome by selectively removing the pathogens that cause disease – protecting farm yields without chemicals.


Guided Biotics®  can be used as:

  • Foliar sprays for plants
  • Seed coatings
  • Soil bio-stimulants


A new and highly selective mode-of-action for crop protection, Guided Biotic® technology precisely targets pathogenic bacteria and generates space for “good” bacteria to colonise and promote peak crop performance.

For further information on FOLIUM Science email Ed Fuchs at

For further information on FLOURISH email Jason Vincent at

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