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Fieldwork Robotics

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Robotics company, spin out from Plymouth University
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Fieldwork Robotics are focussed on harvesting the $2.2BN fresh raspberry market.

Berry growers face unprecedented labour costs, and a shortage of available fruit pickers. Growers are facing an “existential threat” due to unsustainable cost to human harvesting leading to 60% of productionn value, compounded by a shortage of labour with up to 30% of crops left to go to waste.

Fieldwork Robotics is relentlessly focussed on resolving this problem initially for growers of fresh raspberries. We have proven our technology to reduce costs to growers, to provide a predictable, and fixed cost per berry.

Our technology can operate day and night, with no finite number of robots.
While labour costs are increasing YOY, our solution aims to reduce these costs at the same rate, with immediate savings on poor performing human pickers and advancement in technology.

Our patent pending IP sits with the ability to harvest the most difficult of the soft fruits; the raspberry and is a clear niche we own, with no known competition globally. Our technology is proven, depth of team is robust, and commercial traction is underway.

We have been harvested fresh raspberries for the past 3 years. We have successfully iterated our design to improve performance and the latest design the Fieldworker 1 robot to augment the shortage of human labour shortages.

Our product development roadmap co-funded by Innovate UK having recently secured 2 x grants to the value of £2m, of which £1.1m is non-dilutionary. This includes advanced vision capabilities using spectral frequency for improved ripeness detection enabling non-bias human judgement in QA during harvesting.

We lead the market globally in harvesting of fresh raspberries, invested over 6 years of R&D, and now progressing to commercial manufacturing that is underpinned by commercial commitments.

We have NDAs in place with the leading growers in our two core markets: AUS & USA to provide visibility to our Series A with a target exit in 2028.

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