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B-hive Innovations Ltd

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A leading agri-tech R&D company bringing innovative solutions to the fresh produce industry
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B-hive Innovations Ltd was created in 2017 as an agritech business to solve the real-world challenges facing the fresh produce industry today. Through creating novel technologies and developing new ideas, they aim to reduce food waste, enhance the quality of produce and increase marketable yield.

The B-hive Team is made up of experienced science, engineering and project management professionals, supported by a commercialisation team, with in-depth knowledge and experience solving real day to day issues in the fresh produce and agricultural industry.

A key component of B-hives ethos is collaboration. They have worked with many different businesses to create innovative solutions as well as with a number of universities, such as The University of West England, Harper Adams University and The University of Manchester, to research and develop new methods for tackling the problems facing the agriculture industry.

B-hive’s innovations in food and agritech can be used by the whole fresh produce supply chain from grower to consumer. Since the company’s formation, B-hive Innovations has, and continues to develop numerous projects. HarvestEye is a notable example, in which the company took the concept of using machine learning and integrated camera technologies, to efficiently give root crop farmers insight into their crop’s performance. This resulted in a fully-fledged product.

Further projects involve TuberScan, which combines above and below ground sensing technology to give growers full visibility of their crops. As well as using specific gas sensing technologies to detect defects in potatoes, resulting in reduced waste in food supplies and increased consumer trust and satisfaction.

B-hive Innovations have also been working on the UK’s only potato protein extraction, taking a resource not suited to consumer markets and making a product that can be utilised in several ways, adding value, reducing food waste and contributing to the sustainability of the supply chain.

Find out more at, on Twitter @BhiveInnovation and LinkedIn, by searching for B-hive Innovations.

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In the News