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Mission to explore the potential of North East Asia

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The trade mission to Korea’s largest agri-tech conference offers a unique opportunity to access high level support and globally relevant insights into this key market, and to network with potential customers and collaborators.

The mission to the Republic of Korea will offer 10 UK agribusinesses the chance to unlock new opportunities in North East Asia, where strong agri-tech industry growth is driving demand for farm products.

Agri-TechE Members can also apply to secure one of two all-expenses-paid tickets courtesy of the conference organisers. This would include conference registration, travel and accommodation.

Mission to Gwangju: 30th August – 1st September 2023

Companies participating in the mission to South Korea will benefit from:-

  • Pre-arranged 1:1 meetings with government agencies and potential buyers from major Korean companies, facilitated by Digital Chosun
  • Market briefing from the Rural Development Administration (RDA)
  • Exhibition space at the Green & Agritech Asia 2023
  • Media coverage – including interview
  • Networking opportunities

Green & Agritech Asia 2023

The AI World Congress (AWC) will run alongside the prestigious Green & Agritech Asia 2023 exhibition (30th Aug to 1st Sept). Key themes of the show will include:

  • Precision agriculture technologies
  • Automation of the agriculture value-chain
  • Agriculture and processed foods
  • Foodtech
  • Artificial intelligence

The conference is hosted by Korea’s Rural Development Administration and the mission will be welcomed by Sung Je Hoon, Head of Digital Agriculture Strategy Rural Development Administration, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs and Kang Gi-jung, Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City. Digital Chosun is organising the conference.

Advancing digital agriculture

The Republic of Korea has a deep commitment to agri-tech which it sees as a new growth driver.

In particular, it has world leading investment in robotics with one of the highest densities of service-centred robots in the world. Robots are now used routinely for agriculture as well as cooking, serving, delivery and healthcare.

Their connection with Agri-TechE started in 2019, when Professor Kyeong-Hwan Lee, of Chonnam National University, invited Dr Belinda Clarke, director of Agri-TechE, to the Leaders Forum held in the Republic of Korea (you can read all about Belinda’s experience here). This was followed up by attendance at REAP 2019 by directors from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The following year a delegation of Korean agri-tech companies participated in the virtual REAP.

Professor Lee served as a director of the Agricultural and Robotics and Automation Research Center, in 2019 he discussed plans for creating a pilot test farm in Chonnam province as the first step toward building an agri-tech science park.

Today, the Human Centred Robotics and Automation Laboratory (HRA Laboratory) at Chonnam National University Gwangju is advancing digital agriculture with an impressive portfolio of research projects into all aspects of automation in agriculture. Recent examples include a self-driving cabbage harvester, greenhouse cucumber harvesting and the development of a monitoring, fruit thinning and harvesting robot for hydroponic cultivation.

The agriculture and agri-tech conference is hosted by Korea’s Rural Development Administration and a number of embassies together with Jeollanamdo, an agricultural province in South Korea.

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Registration deadline: 29th June 2023.

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