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Resurrect Bio – REAP 2023 Start-Up Showcase

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Resurrect Bio changes the code to unlock plant defences

Plants have a sophisticated immune system that has co-evolved as a defence against pathogens, but it may be lying inactive in many crop varieties. Now Resurrect Bio, a spinout from The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) in Norwich, has found a way to re-engineer the disease response mechanism in plants to restore resilience.

Speaking at Agri-TechE’s REAP conference, Dr Cian Duggan, co-founder of Resurrect Bio, says: “Our research suggests there could be a multitude of resistance genes sitting in crop genomes that are suppressed by pathogens, and that we could potentially resurrect or otherwise improve. This intriguing possibility drove us to establish a spinout company.

“Essentially, we have resurrected resistance genes by bioengineering the helper receptor.

“And this doesn’t just apply to a specific gene; it can be implemented with a host of other resistance genes. This is a huge breakthrough and has potential to be a game-changer in plant protection.”

The initial targets are Soybean Cyst Nematode and Asian Soybean Rust which collectively cost the US more than $2Bn annually, Resurrect Bio is exploring how to re-engineer the disease response.

Find out more about Resurrect Bio at

Resurrect Bio
Dr Cian Duggan, co-founder of Resurrect Bio
Dr Cian Duggan, co-founder of Resurrect Bio

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