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Rapid, accurate diagnosis of nutrient and health status of growing plants to enable prescription fertiliser

Agri-TechE Article

Current fertilizer usage is not environmentally sustainable and generates high financial cost for the farmers. It is currently difficult to assess nutrient deficiencies in growing plants in a precise and timely manner. AgriOptimizer aims to address this problem by using the plant’s molecular signature as a way to precisely determine plant health issues at an early stage and create a fertiliser with a bespoke prescription. AgriOptimizer service can also be used as a testing platform to asses general plant health status under treatments with new agrochemical products.
The team includes Dr Pawel Mikulski, a post-doc at John Innes Centre (JIC) with 10 years of expertise in molecular profiling, and Dr Jonathan Clarke, Head of Business Development at JIC with a strong track record in supporting spin-outs.
Dr Mikulski says: “Healthy plants and those with a disease or nutrient deficiency have well-defined distinguishable molecular signatures. Our test would build on this knowledge, identifying how the plant growth is being impacted and providing a prescription for optimising its performance.”