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PES Technologies – REAP 2023 Start-Up Showcase

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PES Technologies – sniffing out biological soil health in-field with results in five minutes

An electronic nose to sniff out soil health that will deliver results to a farmer’s phone in five minutes is being developed by PES Technologies. The company is able to create an aroma fingerprint from gas released by microbes in the soil. These organisms are essential for breaking down organic matter and making nutrients available to plants, but current biological lab tests are expensive and take ten weeks to provide results.

Jim Bailey, CTO and Co-founder of PES Technologies, says: “From REAP, we are interested in meeting end-users – particularly agronomists – as well as collaborators.

Our electronic nose could potentially be trained on more indicators than the ones that we will offer on launch, and we are keen to explore what people are looking for.

We are happy to talk to companies that would want to fund a machine learning dataset for their own market niche and then utilise our hardware and machine learning support in that market.”

Andrej Porovic, CEO and co-Founder of PES Technologies, said, “This funding builds on the successful commercial trials PES carried out with large agronomy companies and farm businesses in 2022. It enables PES Technologies to complete product development, power product launch in 2024 and hire the key commercial and administrative staff needed to turn our potential into a commercial success story.”

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Start-Up Showcase 2023 - Jim Bailey, PES Technology (web)
Jim Bailey, PES Technology, presenting in the REAP Start-Up Showcase 2023
In-field use (web)
PES Technologies' 'electronic nose' (web)

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