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Enhancing photosynthesis with sugar dots to boost yield by 20%


Only 50 percent of the sun’s energy is used by plants and less than 1 percent is converted into biomass. Glaia has developed a new class of plant additive called ‘sugar dots’ that can increase photosynthetic efficiency naturally, increasing yields by up to 20 per cent.

The sugar dots technology, which has been developed by a team at the University of Bristol, has a well-defined mode of action, high efficacy and is patent protected. Studies have shown that sugar-dots are non-toxic and they are already found in food products such as beer and honey.

David Benito-Alifonso says: “Sugar-dots are water soluble and can be applied as a foliar spray or within an irrigation system and have been tested on a variety of crops from soft fruit through to wheat and sorghum. The plant performance improvement results have been impressive and the technology can be applied across agriculture.”

David Benito-Alifonso
David Benito-Alifonso