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Doubling farm sales by bringing traditional Nigerian farming practices into the digital age


Millions of Nigerian farmers are small scale, using traditional methods and earning less than $10 a day. Farmz2U aims to radically improve food production and incomes by bringing precision farming to this region via the mobile phone. In a pilot it has increased yield by 20%, more than doubled annual farm sales per farmer and created jobs for agricultural students.
Much of Nigeria’s agricultural data is paper-based with little exploration of historic trends to improve future practices. Farmz2U is digitising this data and combining it with data information on soil composition, weather trends, historic crop yields and animal health to provide tailored advice to farmers delivered by phone. Agreements with large-scale distributors and FMCG companies will mean that farmers using the platform will have a guaranteed market for their produce.
The team includes three founding members with significant expertise in agronomy, artificial intelligence and product development, knowledge of Nigeria, and existing relationships with the key stakeholders.
CEO Aisha Raheem says: “Currently small and medium scale farmers in Nigeria are using ancestral farming methods that use resources sub-optimally and produce low yields. Farmz2U will help them farm better by providing access to tailored agricultural expertise remotely and access to market via an online platform.”