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Autopickr – REAP 2023 Start-Up Showcase

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Autopickr presents Gus, its adaptable asparagus harvester, at REAP

“Shortage of labour is forcing smaller asparagus growers out of business, so they ask us three things: how much does our robot harvester cost, does it work and is it reliable?” explains Robyn Sands, Co-founder and CEO of Autopickr, the developer of Gus, an affordable, robust robot for field and undercover operations. Designed to solve a major challenge for the industry, it also offers potential to extend the harvesting season and shelf-life of this high-value crop.

Robyn is looking forward to meeting other agri-tech start-ups and potential end-users at REAP. She says: “We are very open to collaboration, as we have also designed a rugged, farm-proof and low-cost farm vehicle to carry our technology around – and this is attracting the interest of other early-stage companies. It would be possible to repurpose this technology for other equipment.

“We are always interested in feedback from end-users, particularly now as we approach a final commercial product, and of course meeting new investors is also useful as we are starting to prepare for our seed raise in February.”

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Start-Up Showcase 2023 - Robyn Sands, Autopickr (web)
Robyn Sands, Autopickr, presenting in the REAP Start-Up Showcase 2023
GUS early Version
GUS in the field

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REAP Conference 2023:
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Surviving and thriving under increasingly extreme and unpredictable challenges is the theme of the 2023 REAP conference. To build a productive, profitable and sustainable agri-food industry, we must move away from the comfort zone and become open to the new opportunities that exist when we ‘stretch’.  Be a part of that future – bring yourself and your ideas to REAP.