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Agtelligence to provide financial institutes with a ‘sustainability rating’ for arable land

Providing evidence of best environmental practice ‘when the computer decides’ is currently difficult to do for farmers. A new tool, ‘FarmScore’, from Agtelligence aims to distil this complexity into a simple score that can be used by banks, financial institutes, and funding agencies to quickly benchmark progress against sustainability metrics.

Nima Eskandari, Chief Executive Officer at Agtelligence, says:

“Many insurance companies currently reduce premiums for farms with additional security against theft; FarmScore would provide evidence of de-risking natural assets. We are currently in discussion with financial institutes about how they could better support farmers that have a good score. It could be a virtuous circle.”

Agtelligence was recently awarded funding through the UK Space Agency and will be showcasing FarmScore in the UK pavilion at COP28.

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Start-Up Showcase 2023 - Nima Eskandari, Agtelligence (web)
Nima Eskandari, Agtelligence, presenting in the REAP Start-Up Showcase 2023

Screenshots of FarmScore:

Agtelligence FarmScore screenshot
Agtelligence FarmScore screenshot

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